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Iconfood Restaurant Holding is open to cooperation with the media, journalists, bloggers and restaurant critics.
We are ready to provide materials and comments on the activities of our restaurants.

Send your ideas and questions to the mail We will definitely answer!


We are open to cooperation with suppliers of food, equipment, packaging, furniture and printed products.

Send your suggestions to the mail and we will definitely review it. And maybe you will become our partner!

Offers for renting premises - Terlikov Vladislav, e-mail:

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You can pay for the order in the "udcafe" delivery service via the Internet using Visa, MasterCard payment cards.

How to use this service:
1. You, as usual, collect a shopping cart, specify the delivery address on the page «Ordering».
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  1. In accordance with Federal Law No. 152-FZ of July 27, 2006 "On Personal Data", accepting the terms of this Agreement, you give your consent to LLC "Foodcraft" (OGRN 1107746231702, INN 7704750034, location: 125047, Moscow, Bolshaya Gruzinskaya str., 76, room 2 (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"), for the processing and transfer of your personal data in order to provide you with services and / or registration of your orders.
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  5. You agree that the Company, in order to provide you services and fulfill your orders, has the right to transfer your Personal Data to its employees, affiliated companies and third parties that have signed a confidentiality obligation.
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  9. Disclosure of information is not considered a violation of obligations in accordance with reasonable and applicable requirements of the law.
  10. You have the right to refuse to receive advertising and other information without explaining the reasons for the refusal by informing the Company of your refusal by phone 8 499 250 07 31 or by sending a corresponding written application to the email address
  11. This Agreement can be revoked by you or your legal representative by sending a written application to the email
  12. If you wish to receive information about the personal data relating to you or to change the information you provided, you can send an e-mail to
  13. In case of withdrawal by you or your representative of this Agreement, the Company has the right to continue processing of Personal Data without the consent of the subject of personal data in the presence of bases

Bolshaya gruzinskaya


Organization's full name: LLC "Foodcraft"
Legal address:
(including postal code)
125047, Moscow, ul. Bolshaya Gruzinskaya, d.76, room. 2
Mailing address:
(including postal code)
125047, Moscow, ul. Bolshaya Gruzinskaya, d.76, room. 2
Full name. Leader (completely) and position: Olga Litvyak
(The appointment / election document
- protocol / solution,
-confidence (number and date))
Decision of the sole participant of June 18, 2014
Order on employment from June 19, 2014
Phone and e-mail of the contact person (full name) under the agreement: Filina Margarita
Tel 8,925,824 51,18
Full name. Chief Accountant: Shevchenko Sofia Ildusovna
Telephone number and e-mail of the financial contact person / (accounting): Shevchenko Sofia Ildusovna
Mobile: 8-916-408-13-80,
INN / CAT: 7704750034/771001001
OGRN / Date: 1107746231702 / 03/29/2010
OKPO: 65360979
OKATO / OKTMO 45286590000/45382000
OKVED 55.30
R / S: 40702 810 9 0000 0097090
in the bank: VTB 24 (PAO)
K / S: 30101 810 1 0000 0000716
BIC: 044525716

Prospect Mira

Limited Liability Company "UDS-CAFE"

Address: 129090, Moscow, Prospect Mira, 26, building 1, room 51
OGRN 1147746916888
INN 7704871279
KPP 770201001

р / с 40702810400000107244
VTB 24 (PAO)
To / from 30101810100000000716
BIC 044525716

OKPO 13230428
ОКАТО 45286590000
OCTMO 45383000000
OKOGU 4210014
OKOPF 12165
OKVED main 55.30
Additional: 70.31, 70.12, 70.20, 52.11, 52.26, 52.25.2, 52.25, 55.51, 55.40

General Director Vladislav Ksandopulo


Limited Liability Company "UDS-Sweetness"

OGRN 1157746450630
INN 7704317039
CAT 770401001
Yur address: 119121, Moscow, Smolensky Boulevard, 13, building 6, room  2
Fact. Address: 125009, Moscow, ul. Bolshaya Dmitrovka, d. 7/5, str. &Nbsp;1

General Director Litvyak Olga Lvovna

р / с 40702810800000079147
VTB 24 (PAO)
BIC 044525716
To / from 30101810100000000716

OKPO 45151831
ОКАТО 45286590000
OCTMO 45383000000
OKOGU 4210014
OKOPF 12300

Shopping Center "Kuntsevo Plaza"

The full name of the organization: Limited Liability Company "UDS-FOOD"
Short name: LLC "UDS-FOOD"

Legal Address: 13 Smolensky Boulevard, Moscow, 119121, Moscow, Russia

OGRN 1147746781027
INN 7704868332
KPP 770401001

р / с 40702810700000057104
VTB 24 (PAO)
To / from 30101810100000000716
BIC 044525716

Director General: Kuzina Natalia Borisovna
Chief Accountant: Anastasiya Komarova

OKPO 29180253
ОКАТО 45286590000
OCTMO 45383000000
OKOGU 4210014
OKOPF 12165

OKVED 55.30 - Activities of cafes and restaurants (main)

Name of the institution: Upside Down Cake

The actual address of the cafe: 121552, Moscow, st. Yartsevskaya, possession 19
Gearbox 773145001

Telephone: 8 (495) 989-04-46

Metropolis shopping center

Limited Liability Company "CORNER-GRILL"
Address: 13 Smolensky Boulevard, Moscow, 119121, Russia, room 12
OGRN 1147746868774
INN 7704870356
KPP 770401001

р / с 40702810200000067212
VTB 24 (PAO)
K / s 30101810100000000716 in OPERU MOSCOW
BIC 044525716

OKPO 34616882
ОКАТО 45286590000
OCTMO 45383000000
OKOGU 4210014
OKOPF 12165

OKVED main 55.30 activity of restaurants and cafes
Additional 70.20, 52.25, 52.11, 55.51, 70.31, 52.26, 55.40

General Director Kuzina Natalia Borisovna

TC "Afimall"

Limited Liability Company "UDS-SVITS"

OGRN 1157746451455
INN 7704317092
KPP 770401001

Address: 13 Smolensky Boulevard, Moscow, 119121, building 6, building 1

General Director Ramil N. Nurimanov

р / с 40702810700000129346
VTB 24 (PAO)
BIC 044525716
To / from 30101810100000000716

OKPO 45085399
ОКАТО 45286590000
OCTMO 45383000000
OKOGU 4210014
OKOPF 12300

Shopping center "Mega Teplii Stan"

AIKON COFFEE Limited Liability Company

OGRN 1157746588702
INN 7704320987
KPP 770401001

Address: 13 Smolensky Boulevard, Moscow, 119121, Moscow, Russia, room 11

р / с 40702810300000155150
VTB 24 (PAO)
To / from 30101810100000000716
BIC 044525716

General Director Vladislav Ksandopulo

Date of state. Registration on 01/07/2015

OKPO 46540701
ОКАТО 45286590000
OCTOM 453830

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